Day 7 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Social Media for Online Retail Stores

So you have an online retail business. A website with some great products, a shopping cart, a monthly newsletter and perhaps a Facebook page.

Lets take Hammocks Online as our example seeing as Mike commented on the last post and made the suggestion for this one.

Here are a few ideas I have suggested to people before:

  1. Add a Facebook LIKE button to your homepage, and every product on your site 
  2. Add pre written "Tweet This" links for each product
  3. Encourage customers to post photos of them using your product on Facebook (offer a prize)
  4. Add Twitter and Facebook fields to your registration or newsletter form and database so you can start to track ROI
  5. Create a custom Facebook tab with your product gallery that links back to your shopping cart
  6. Use the Twitter API to do some smart stuff (you'll have to ask me about this
  7. Try to get Twitter names from all your customers so you can publically thank them
  8. Tell stories on facebook about where and how your products are made and what makes them so special
  9. Use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to your website
  10. Make youtube videos showing how to install the product or use it in different ways
  11. Use Twitter search to find people talking about similar products or who sound like they need your product and chat to them

Have some fun, try to come up with 100 different ways your product could be used, use rich media, tell stories and put your best people forward as ambassadores

How's that? Most ideas are pretty simple but you can get technical if you have databases and or want to utilize the API for some smart integration opportunities

Any other ideas you have that I have missed? Let me know...