Day 5 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Social Media for Business Owners and CEO's

Business leaders either lead from the front or steer from within. Those CEO's that choose to use their public profile to market and promote their business or organisation have a raft of social tools at their disposal.

A socially connected CEO or business owner can develop a strong personal brand creating an engaging bridge to a variety of stakeholders like other business leaders, suppliers, industry groups, government departments, customers and fans.

People love to follow corporate figureheads, it gives them an emotional connection to the business and insight they value, trust and share.

Here is a Twitter Lists of CEO's you might like to follow, post a comment with links to any other CEO Twitter Lists or good CEO's you follow of Twitter

A quick search on Twitter will bring up a few good people too

If I was CEO of a bigger company I would probably have this sort of approach;

  • Have great listening systems in place, use apps/tools and respond
  • Blog once a day - and have that linked in to the companies home page, twitter and Facebook
  • Have a Facebook Fan Page - I'd auto post content from other sources as well as exclusive questions, discussions, pics and links
  • Actively use Linkedin
  • Actively use Twitter Lists to follow and promote key people in your network
  • Tweet - not constantly but at least a few times a day
  • Use rich media, twtpics, youtube videos, even podcasts if thats the simplest way for you to post your thoughts regularly 
  • Be yourself, show some personality and have loads of fun

Now we all know that CEO's and Business Leaders are incredibly busy. So you might think about ghosting as an option to have someone else manage your social media tasks. If I can offer any advice it is be authentic, be yourself, write your own blog posts, post your own tweets as much as you possibly can. You might decide to have you PA manage your Facebook Fan page and reply to some tweets from time to time but you should look for ways to make engaging in Social as easy as possible for you. There are always going to be some account management tasks you can delegate and the listening tasks can probably be handed off to someone else too

Of course the trick is understanding what to write, what to share, when and how, with plenty of personality and character. You can use your imagination for that or sing out and we can talk offline :)