Day 4 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Integrating Social Media with Traditional Advdertising

You will never know actually how many people looked at your billboard or saw your newspaper advert. Without some call to action its impossible to have any understanding of effectiveness and ROI. 

So for todays #lightbulb challenge I want you to think about integrating your social sites with your offline advertising.

  • Add your facebook URL,  twitter name or hashtag to your billboard, newspaper advert or radio jingle
  • Entice back to facebook with a special offer
  • "Become a Fan on FB for weekly specials"
  • Add to your product packaging or signage something like - Tweet #trumpet and what your favorite Tip Top Trumpet flavor is to win
  • Add your twitter handle to your printed carry bags, window displays and merchandise

It's not just about adding your social links to your advertising. It requires a reason a purpose to entice people to follow you and stay following you. Create fun ways people can share their experience with your brand online, instructions are great, people need to be told to do something.