Day 3 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Social Media for Newspapers

After the LATE event at the Auckland Museum on Thursday night I'm compelled to share some ideas around social media for Newspapers

I could be wrong, I could get told off but in my mind Newspapers are 'Info-tainment'. Very little content now days is investigative journalism, while we get bogged down with editorial opinion and so called professional commentators. 

But newspapers have survived through radio, film, the internet and now they face social media. 

Newspapers are printed on paper and online. Both formats sell advertising to generate revenue. Yet revenue has been dramatically dropping since new media channels became mainstream

Quite simply the proposition for newspapers is just not that convincing. Real news is sought out, read and shared well before the newspaper has been printed and well anything thats on newsprint isn't really all that entertaining.

Welcome to the world of Social 'ME'dia - where we only care about news and information that effects US

So here's what I'm thinking;

  • Digital is fast - use it for breaking news and as it happens updates
  • Print some real stories written by people that really investigate whats going on there. - Most people wont read an long article online but they will read the paper for an hour
  • Keep online articles short, like blog posts, more than 300 words or 3 min to read is too long
  • Editors and Opinion based columnists should be available the following day to discuss the topic online 
  • Integrate the on and offline - include short URL's to discussion posts (on the papers website) or the writers Twitter page
  • Use Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic back to your home base
  • Use the print version to create and ignite as many conversations online as possible

Newspapers still play a role in media and news distribution in NZ, its just that they are not very good at integrating it with their readers behaviors.

Right or Wrong someone has to make a decision and lead the way. 

Thats my opinion, what are your thoughts? How can newspapers become more relevant in todays digital world?