Day 2 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Todays LightBulb idea is about getting closer to your customers

Love Your Customers

By customers we really mean your audience, stakeholders and fans. They are the people out there passionate about your industry and what you do.

Social Networking has like never before enables businesses to communicate in 2 way dialog, real conversations about the real issues.

Social Listening allows you to hear whats being said about you or your brands across the internet from Twitter to Blogs conversations are bubbling away everywhere. 

Listening lest you hear things, comments, ideas and suggestions you might otherwise have never heard or thought about. They help you develop and improve your business, engage with those passionate fans and start to develop a community of people around your brands.

Without customers you would have no business so being able to tailor your offering closer to the demands and desires of your customers the more likely they are to purchase what you have.

With relationships comes loyalty, the incentive is friendship, fun and insider knowledge.

Foster those relationships, harness the power of the crowd and source your inspiration from those people also passionate about what you do.


How's that?