Day 19 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge | Participate to #win

It's a Participation Economy - You have to be in to #win

In an environment where eyeballs and relationships rule the roost; being seen, being involved and participating can make all the difference.

Those that do participate reap the rewards.

Actively being involved in Social Networking has helped @urgentcouriers gain new customers and earn a huge reputation online. They are also a fantastic B2B Social Media case study

Attending social networking events like Media Mingle and the Social Media Club has helped many people extend their professional networks, put names to faces and generate new business leads.


If you want to grow your personal or business brand using social networks, just get involved, participate, contribute (on and offline) and given a little time your recognition and reputation will grow. It's not what you know its who you know...right?