Day 18 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge / Do you Like Buttons?

Live Likes - Seeing whats hot right now!

On this page it's really simple to create your own Facebook Activity Widget for your website. Or a like button like I added here

But you can also watch other sites by creating your own favorite 'Like' feed from this site which will also show what your friends have share from that particular site. is a great aggregator of Likes from around the web, helping you to keep on top of whats hot right now. It's just another way that you can listen to the conversations happing online around your topic of interest. 

Have you ever wanted that Dislike button? Well you can create a Browser applet here so when you're browsing the web you can Dislike a page

Anyway I like the site as a quick snapshot of what's being shared right now, and now I have shared with you. Hope it's useful to you!