Day 17 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge / San Francisco Delights!

San Francisco Delights


San Fran has some beautiful and amazing food vendors using Social Media to share their stories and connect with customers.

So for todays #Lightbulb Challenge I decided to profile a few I'm been following on Twitter. I know there are loads more so please add your comments with your favorite San Fran foodie business using Social Media well.

Bike Basket Pies

Mike Basket Pies is a small batch pie baking and delivery service. Natalie is the lady behind the venture and focuses where possible on sourcing seasonal and organic local ingredients.


 Uses Twitter  and Flickr



Street Fixe is a sit-down street food experience that pops up every now and then in San Francisco. We feature the city’s best street food dishes on our rotating seasonally-driven prix fixe menus. While seated at communal tables, diners enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at Stable Cafe in SF’s Mission District as they chow down on five courses of innovative street food deliciousness.


StreetFixe use Twitter  and Facebook

Next time I'm in San Fran I am definitely going to check StreetFixe out!

Ninja Pie Cart


The Ninja Pie Cart dosen't have a website listed on their Twitter page, nor a custom background, but by the way they tweet they sound like a pretty cool bunch of people. Compared to the previous two they are a lot more vocal, more engaging and appear to be participating in their community more than StreetFixe or Bike Basket Pies



With over 2500 followers they have done a good job creating an audience. They are not salesy, reply to mentions and keep people updated with whats on the menu for the day.

KungFuTacos are on Twitter and Facebook 

Wholesome Bakery

Every product they offer is Wheat Free, Low Glycemic, Soy Free, High Fiber, A Source of Protein, Contains Only Healthy Fats, Yeast Free, Cholesterol Free & Trans Fat Free. Not to mention, they’re entirely Vegan allowing anyone and everyone to enjoy them.


Now these guys have done a super job socialising their business. Their website has all the social links, great imagery, and cool call to actions like helping them buy a bio-diesel truck. They have a great Blog too. 

Wholesome Bakery use Twitter, Facebook, Yelp and have a google map locator


Certainly no food vendor but definitely from San Fran. Twitter's Chairman Jack Dorsey is Square's CEO. Square is available now in the USA and one of the most remarkable technological developments to come out of 2009/2010. 


Square is on Twitter  and essentially thise little device allows you to receive payments anywhere. It plugs into any device with an audio jack like your iPod, iPhone, iPad or Nexus One and Droid devices.

Check it out! For retail, hospitality and tourism operators especially I think this tine device will change the way we do business