Day 16 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

The Influence of Influencers

One of the great benefits of social media from a brand's perspective is being able to easily identify and make contact with people passionate about you. 

Encouraging these influencer's to participate and take a lead role in your community might be the best social marketing strategy you could initiate. After all these people are already creating and sharing around your brand, topic or industry so why not get them doing that through your channel. You might offer to pay them a small fee, give them free merchandise or products or give them tickets to special early bird events they can give away through their network. 


Virgin America is giving away free flights to social media influencers it has identified on Twitter. But unlike other outreach type programs there is no expectation that the recipient will tweet, blog or talk positively about their experience.


Listening to your social networks has always been encouraged as a way to discover whom and where people are writing and talking about your associated topics but now there are a few additional tools you can use to identify people of interest to your community.

Klout, Grader and are all good tools to search for people in your topic field or location that may be influencing your brand's conversations. You can also use Social Mention or paid tools like Scoutabs and of course basic Twitter searches or Google Alerts are other standard services you should be using daily.