Day 15 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Today I received this DM from someone I recently followed

Hello, looks like you're interested in social media like me. I like good advice, anygood tips about what's working for you ?

My advice is: 

Forget about the medium, forget about the applications, its the messages that matter the most. Twitter or Facebook might change, disappear or another application might launch and gain critical mass so we can't just focus in twitter this or facebook that.

It's still people talking to people - same message different day but to sum up for the DM reply

Listen, share, discuss and have fun, there's a lot of new friends out there

And then I tried to reply #fail Error Message says: "you cannot send messages to people who are not following you". So my friend in social media you are your own monologue, personal disaster. Perhaps the first thing you should do is stop sending auto DM's and start being personal.