Day 14 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

A quick look at Tap11 - a Social Media Application

@tap11 is a Social Media Application that combines social network management with solid analytics and keyword monitoring 

Tap11 is a single interface to manage all your social media networks from listening to status updates, and performance metrics

For a heavy user like me stats, activity monitoring and performance are important metrics. Tap11 gives you the ability to drill down to see keywords and identify brand influencer's' quickly and easily.

I really like the interface and while there are a few features I would like to see added; for pro social media users managing multiple accounts and business users this is one application worth checking out. It is a paid app and still in BETA mode so pricing hasn't been released yet but indications are this will be much more affordable than other apps on the market today.

Oh and by the way, Tap11 has a fantastic iPhone application too.