Day 1 - the 21 Day #lightbulb Challenge

Social Media for Radio Networks

Traditional media still plays a strong role in our community. Music, current affairs and talk-back Radio channels still glue this country together

Now days we hear stories of people sitting at home watching TV with a laptop on their knees tweeting about the show. People are doing the same with radio, they have it on making the kids breakfast, driving to work, in the office, chances are for many people the radio shares most of the day with us.

So how can Radio leverage social sites as a way to market and promote as well as extending the conversations from the airwaves to the interwebs we are all rummaging around in?

Here are 10 tips on Social Media for Radio:

  1. One Twitter account for the Station - Use #tags and to manage the conversations on Twitter
  2. Use Facebook to post links to references articles, videos or other content mentioned in the show - auto tweet those FB posts
  3. Tweet quotes and FB updates, ask questions "do you agree with...", "whats your fav soundgarden track?", "Should Graeme Henry be sacked if we lose the RWC?"
  4. Take questions from Twitter and reply to Facebook discussions live on air.
  5. Have a Social media Sting that plays telling listeners about the social sites and what you do there
  6. Have competitions to reward those engaging through social sites
  7. Make status updates during the ad breaks thats share funny moments or "off the cuff" anecdotes from the studio
  8. Add your social site addresses to your promo cars, and any other jingles or marketing for the show.
  9. Even if the host does not have their own twitter account they can still use a # tag and tweet during their show
  10. Make sure the host can continue conversations and debate on Twitter and Facebook after the show, like a private discussion online.

The #lightbulb Challenge is a 21 Day mission to share 21 examples of how different businesses or groups might use social media