Running a Daily Deal? Have you optimized your business?


  There are 95 Daily Deal sites in New Zealand and several One Day Deal Finders

That's a lot of Daily Deals and a lot of companies running them.

But running daily deals will not solve your cash flow problems or fix your failing business. They're not going to give you the jump over your competition or give you massive buzz on Social Networks on their own.

Running a Daily Deal buys your business the opportunity to delight and create new loyal customers. Remember that old adage that new customers cost more than retaining current ones?

I use a lot of deal vouchers and more often than not I'm amazed at the lack of thought and planning that some businesses put into a Daily Deal campaign.

Some companies seem to offer less service to people redeeming vouchers than customers who are paying in full. That's the first major mistake.

All customers should receive the same level of service, quality of product or service etc. I would go as far to say customers using vouchers should get gold star service because if you can't convince those customers to share their experience or become a repeat customer the deal won't be very rewarding for your business at all.

If you're considering running a daily deal feel free to contact me for more advice but here are a few things you should consider:

  • Reward Voucher redeemers with a free something if they 'Checkin' with location based apps
  • Ensure your staff know how to process vouchers quickly
  • Ensure your staff are committed to delivering 110% to make sure the experience is amazing for everyone
  • Ask Voucher Redeemers to share their experience on Twitter or Facebook and give them the URL's or hashtags to reference.
  • Get staff to thank the customers for using the voucher
  • Make a repeat visit inevitable with a follow up 'Thank You' voucher to use on their next visit
  • Give them a 'For your friend only' voucher for their next visit
  • Ask them to join your mailing list
  • Encourage customers to write a review or leave a tip on Foursquare
  • Engage on Twitter and Facebook and encourage people who have bought vouchers to "Tweet to book" or tell you when they're coming in. It's an opportunity to open up and talk to more people.

With any Daily Deal you're effectively buying attention. What you do with all that attention is what will make or break the success of your campaign.

I cannot stress customer service enough. It's the number one complaint and goes a very long way to whether a customer will recommend you to their friends or social network. So if you're going to look at a Daily Deal to grow your business. Make sure your customer service is exceptionally good. ALL the time.

Have you had great success with a Daily Deal for your business? What did you do to ensure a high rate of repeat business and word of mouth marketing?