Where are you getting the most #Custserv interactions; Twitter or Facebook?


At last months Social Media Club here in Auckland one question posed to the panel of social media managers was;

What percentage of Twitter and Facebook activity is Customer Service related vs Campaign content and fan engagement?

4/5 brands represented said their Twitter accounts contained significantly more Customer Service interactions compared to Facebook. It was the Twitter account that was being integrated into Call centre workflow, not Facebook.

With this in mind I wonder if the attitude from people following brands on Twitter or Facebook is summed up like this:

Twitter - You better engage with me if and when I want

Facebook - I'll engage with you if you're interesting and post at the right time


So my question to you is.

How much of your brand page activity [Twitter or Facebook] is customer service related?

If there is a significant variation between the two how are you refocusing your content and engagement strategies to reflect this behaviour?