Customer Service is a Non-Negotiable

Delivering Customer Service is a non-negotiable aspect of being in business. There is no opt-out option, if you have a business or work in a business your duty is to provide customer service.

Non-negotiable means EVERYONE plays a part, every member of the business from the cleaner to the CEO must be involved, trained and held responsible for any customer interactions they are engaged with.

Customer Service is about engaging customers and empowering them to get the most from your business, products or services.

The same is very much said about Social Media. To get the REAL benefits found in growing and nurturing a Social Community around your business EVERYONE should be involved in contributing.

The term "Baked In" refers to functions within a software application that are included in the app rather than added on in some way. If your Social Media strategy like your Customer Service strategy is not Baked In to your business you will fail to reap the rewards.

Customer Service is not a department, it's a state of business, it's an attitude, it's how you build and maintain commercial relationships.

Thinking about Customer Service and Social media in this light will change your approach; to business, to exceeding customer expectations and to new business growth.

Training staff in Customer Service might be as simple as a 30 second elevator pitch that they can easily repeat when ever they are asked "So what does your business do?", or how to answer the phone and politely direct calls to the right person.

Training staff in Social Media might be as simple as helping people understand what Social Media is, giving them some experience using Facebook or Twitter or perhaps encouraging people to write for the company blog.

Customer Service will either drive a business to dizzy heights or dump it into the hole of non-existence. However you chose to integrate Customer Service into your business, it's success depends on the vitality and empowerment you give it.