Customer Service in New Media - Listening/Responding is #1 Priority

Radian6 Published an Ebook in May highlighting the changes in Customer service in a digital world. 

It mentions that business has always been a social activity but never before has it been so easy to talk and engage with our wider customer base in true dialog.

I aim to simplify social media, to break down the elements involved and this point resonated with me.

The modern customer doesn’t necessarily want brands to make every suggested change or fix every perceived problem; he or she wants confirmation that a complaint or comment was heard, acknowledged, and taken into consideration. The modern customer wants to know he or she is being listened to.

I think this is a very important point for you to consider in your social media strategy.

On one hand listening is so important to get right, using the right tools and searching for the right keywords and phrases can be a process of trial and error but once you get that right you need to have an action plan. 

Will you have any service level targets for response times? How will you move the conversation from Twitter to email, the phone or in-store? What language will you use to ensure customers feel heard, understood, valued and willing to participate further in order to resolve the manner through your processes. 

What reinforces this for me is when you hear comments from people who have messages a brand, asking a question but never get a reply.

Always reply to mentions and DM's, especially if you are a business or brand that values your reputation online.