Customer photos create powerful social engagement

Today we went to the Science Museum in San Francisco. As we walked in we had our photo taken.

We were given a card with details of how we can get a copy.

At the mall I was in an up Market Mens store and tried on a rather expensive jacket. While admiring myself in the mirror the Sales clerk offered to take my photo with the jacket on.

They then grab your email and send you a copy or post it on facebook.

Stupid me was too embarrased so I excused myself but after thinking about the social media implications I might go back and do it.

I think this is very clever social media integration. It's a great customer experience and it gives you a visual memory of that event you can share.

This action helps the customers experience last long after they have left the shop.
The customer has more chances to think about your brand, to think about the product and perhaps will come back to purchase. Seeing is beleiving.

Imagine being able to photo your customers and before they have left the store post it on your Facebook page, tagging them in the picture.

Isn't that a powerful opportunity?

@justinflitter on the iPhone