Customer Coaching

We talk about how to engage followers, and your social community for business development but I believe one of the greatest benefits of Social Communities for business is the opportunity to coach your customers. 

Coaching your customers is about sharing information about your product or service that can help them learn more about what it can do, how it can help or benefit them, and how they can help you to improve the product or service.

Here are 5 ways you can use Social Media to Coach your Customers.
  1. Webinars - regular screen casts or interviews showing/discussing interesting or advanced applications
  2. Twitter hashtags like #iusemyiphonefor or  #WildTurkey_and for new drink recipes or #fiascofoodmatch where people share the dishes they had with Fiasco Wines and why they matched so well
  3. Facebook Fan page - "I took my CactusBackPack..." where people take photos of their Cactus gear half way up a rugged slope with stunning scenery as the backdrop 
  4. Youtube videos - Like different ways to use your Baby Sling 
  5. Tworkshops - Use Tweet Grid to host small focus groups or workshops, its so simple you could even add people on the fly, informally for in-depth public discussions. 
Engaging your customers can happen in any number of ways but I reckon an approach where you are giving out great, helpful advice is both interesting and valuable to your customers but highly retweetable too.