Cross-Channel Content Distribution

One of the things I've been doing a lot recently is sharing content across multiple networks. And it's reaping good results.

Creating comments and discussions starts with finding great content, questions and ideas. And it's interesting to review the comments people make on different networks. 

For instance, questions in or can be shared on Linkedin, Tweeted and Facebooked about. Questions and answers on Linkedin can offer great blog post stories. 

Questions can be rasied from blog posts which dig deeper and creates great discussions. 

However casting various snipets of content (usually 3rd party) around your networks requires constant survaliance and monitoring. You have to keep going round and round or watch for email notifications for activity and opportunities to engage.

One comment we received on a site our blog is sydnicated on was so insightful I invited the guy to guest post on our blog expanding on one point. While we can certainly help promote him, we're able to leverage of their expertise and thought leadership, it's win win all round. 

While your audience might be scattered across multiple networks, cross polentation is a great way of introducing people to other resources and networks as well as fostering a greater level of interaction and engagement.

Might not seem like rocket science but it's just something I've noticed working very well over the last few weeks. I guess its about casting a greater variety of content wider afield, but it's also helping me to learn what topics push peoples buttons and holds the most attention.