Could your Klout get you better #custserv?

Today on the #CUSTSERV Twitter chat the topic of discrimination in Customer Service was discussed from the Agent to Customer perspective. (Last week we talked about Customer to Agent discrimination)

We started off by thinking that social media like Twitter may reduce the level of discrimination as it's much harder to ascertain race, sex and other characteristics that may influence someones opinion or attitude towards them. 

Then someone mentioned Klout. Now Klout is beginning to become one of the more respected Influence or Reputation Metric apps. PeerIndex is another good one. But in many Twitter clients like Tap11 and Hootsuite Klout is the preferred measure of influence on Twitter.

As 'Social Service' becomes more prevalent and applications continue to integrate more social media networks into their workflow the number of customer requests through these channels is going to dramatically increase. While a year ago I read that only 5% of people whom use social media used it for customer service purposes I think that stats is about to spike through the roof. So with this increase Social Media Managers and Customer Service Agents monitoring Twitter will need more tools to help them decide whom to answer first, they'll need ways to prioritize requests. 

Obviously its far better to just answer each one in sequence with the same amount of respect but if volumes are high establishing some sort of priority list may happen. And Klout or another personal influence metric is the likely way to do this. So discrimination in this sense does, would, could occur.

So if you have a high Klout score that could get you preferential treatment, you might be able to wave your klout and get that table for the fully booked restaurant on Saturday night. Or perhaps the airline finds you a replacement flight ahead of others with a lower Klout score...

Do you agree that this could become an issue? How much of an influence do you think personal social media influence could become?