Content production 'On the fly' with iRig and iPad


Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook make it super easy for individuals and brands to share content 'in the moment'.  Events and conferences can easily create bite sized pieces of content to share through Social Networks, engaging those that could not make it but still want to participate online. But when you're interviewing people at a conference or as apart of a social campaign like Honda New Zealand's #WeekendInsight you need to publish immediately. To do that you might find people trucking around laptops, mics, cameras and then hunting for wifi. It can be time-consuming and technical to produce this content but it needn't be the case.

For things like video interviews I've just been using the iPhone or iPad camera which is not too bad so long as you're not trying to take action shots but the microphone has always caused issues.  We found the interviewer was much louder than the interviewee.

So last week I decided to kit-up and visited Jansen's Pro Audio  after they tweeted about the iRig Mic being a good solution.  Then I saw the iPad clip and the Mic Stand and walked away with all three. Now we have a portable karaoke kit or lectern! The iRig mic plugs in to your iPhone or iPad, comes with a full suite of free apps and has an output for your headphones or stereo/PA.

Last week I was lucky enough to interview Keisha Castle-Hughes before and after her #WeekendInsight. This first interview was made with just the iPad, the second was made with the iPad and iRig microphone. So here are both videos so you can compare the difference with and without the iRig mic. We're not using any special video app, just the one that comes standard with the iPad.

First interview with Keisha Castle-Hughes     Second interview with Keisha Castle-Hughes

Here are a few pictures of the stand, the mic and the iPad iKlip

  Once the video is done we upload to dropbox for backup, editing and uploading to YouTube or of course you can just upload straight to YouTube or Facebook. You could also live stream your interviews through uStream or Facebook. We didn't need to buy a special camera nor lug around a laptop. We already have iPads and iPhones so the additional mic gives us a ultra portable solution you can take anywhere.