Consistency is the key to social success


Offline relationships flourish with regular contact. You meet at the pub once a week, see each other at networking events and share ideas and content on Twitter of Facebook almost every day. If you don't turn up or don't reply for a few weeks/months you might find that relationship is not as strong as it used to be and other people have filled the gap. It's the same online between people and brands or people and other people representing brands.

Nearly every guru or expert mentions consistent engagement as a routine or habit that contributes to online success. [15 habits of powerhouse leaders]

If you're not there to answer questions, engage with interesting content and have some fun, someone else will be and that someone else could represent your competitors or another brand

Consistency is a jolly good habit to get into.

If you know that you aren't going to have time every day to find great content to share, find a staff member to help or schedule a few posts on a Sunday night for the coming week. Then you just need to check the iPhone a few times a day to reply and engaging with people.


  • Share and comment on others blog posts or shared content
  • Share interesting content you've found.
  • Write your own blog posts
  • Keep to a set range of topics so people know what to expect from you
  • Mention others in your Tweets to start conversations
  • Keep the number of posts on each Social Network about the same each day
  • Share and or comment on posts in your LinkedIn groups or Facebook pages