Connecting with Family is largest increase in Social Media activity

Here are two exerts I pulled from the Experian 2010 Social Media Report

Two-thirds of all online adults today have visited a social networking site in the last 30 days, up from 53% in 2008 and 20% in 2007. Social networks have most thoroughly penetrated the young adult market, as nearly 9-in-10 online 18-to 34-year-olds visit such sites today. But even older Americans are tapping into social networks, with 41% of online adults age 50 and older making monthly visits to sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. 

Whether it’s keeping in touch with others, playing games, debating politics or any of the other reasons people use social networking sites, it cannot be denied that there’s a sense of addictiveness to it all. Visiting social networking sites multiple times a day is up 28% over last year, while less frequent visits are down across the board.

These are American Stats Kiwi's but I'd expect to see similar trends here too. 

My question is: If we're so in touch with family and friends several times a day, what do we talk about at the dining table? The normal "so how was your day?" just doesn't apply. Or does that extra contact enable more in-depth discussion?

And here's the evidence...

As social networking sites extend their reach across generations, Americans are increasingly using such sites to connect with more than just their friends. Today, 17% of social networkers communicate with their parents via those sites and 22% connect with their kids, up from 9% and 15%, respectively, a year ago.


How do you think Social Media is changing the Family dynamic? Is it similar to the introduction on cellphones or the answer to improving the frequency of contact and conversations between family members given our busy lives.

Something to ponder today anyway. Cheers