Check out Wallabee - A location based digital collectables game.


WallaBee is a fresh take on GeoLocation apps like Gowalla. It's a digital collectibles game for the iPhone (iTunes) made by Ben Dodson Apps

Basically when you check in to places (or create your own) you collect digital items like this pair of  Nerd glasses I collected when I added our office.

Each time you forage a location you earn 'Honeycombs', Wallabee's currency which you can spend on other or rare items to complete your digital sets.

There are already more than 2 million places loaded into Wallabee so even in New Zealand it's likely your local cafe has some hidden treasures for you.

Game play:

  1. Places - Check in and forage for items and honeycombs. You can swap items at this location for ones you don'd need.
  2. Pouch - Where your items are stored. You can mix two together to create new ones
  3. Sets - Objective of the game is to visit enough places, check in and find items to complete your sets


  • Could you create sets for your business?
  • Could you create a set for your city where each check in offers vouchers for the another place to visit/check in?
  • Could your chain of restaurants offer free meals to those that visit multiple stores.

My mind boggles. This well designed iPhone app has huge potential. Will it take on? Well I guess that depends on whether businesses and developers see the opportunity.

Anyway I think its fun and interesting to play with apps like Path and Wallabee as location based apps develop and new ideas take hold.

Get it, use it and let me know what you think.  and