@charliesheen is bad for Twitter

At the time of writing this post @CharlieSheen had 1,994,016 followers, had tweeted 55 times and was following 28 people.

I've watched his Sheen-Korner show and subsequently spoke to a number of people around the world to get their thoughts on his explosive launch on Twitter. 

I'f you want Sheens full story google it. But basically a Twitter based advertising network secured his name on Twitter and signed him up.

Charlie Sheen is no more than a professional advertiser, pimping anything he possibly can to gain profile and potentially make a buck or million.

For those businesses considering launching into a Twitter program seeing Twitter being used in this manner is not exactly very convincing. It flys in the face of every book, every lecture and every blog worthy of advice on the topic anywhere in the world. If the Sheen experiment lasts for any length of time people will start to think that IS how brands should use Twitter, then the beauty, pleasure and attractiveness of Twitter will go out the door, it will be gone for ever. His voice is loud, where he never had any klout, now he does. That; in my mind is sad.

Sheen is NOT engaging. He is not talking to fans via Twitter, his community, if you can call it that is one way. He might as well have his own TV chat show where every other sentience is a brand mention. Oh but if it was on TV no one would watch it so whats the diff on Twitter?. He speaks and now almost 2 million people listen. He's an advertisers dream...until it crashes. 

Charlie Sheen is no more than Twitter spam. And what makes me feel ill is that I was compelled to write this post and give him even more attention. arrrrraaagggggh!

If you think I'm wrong, state your case, or forever hold your peace.

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