Charity Sorbet produces the goods!

On 12 January 2010 a devastating earthquake struck Haiti, killing more than 230,000, injuring a further 300,000 and leaving at least one million people homeless. While progress is being made, hundreds of thousands of people are still in urgent need of assistance as the hurricane season approaches.

In an effort to help rebuild Haiti, two local businessmen, Jayson Bryant and Gianpaolo Graziolo, have turned Cristal champagne and 24 carat gold into the world’s most expensive sorbet. They will only produce 20 sorbets, at cost of $500 each, with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Red Cross Haitian Earthquake Appeal


From the Charity Sorbet website


Last night in Auckland a crowd of people descended on the Giapo Italian Sorbet shop to see the most expensive sorbet in the world (as far as I know)

For $500 a glass or $10 for a tiny taste one can enjoy the delicacy that is Cristal Champagne sorbet with gold flakes on top.

The Wine Vault and Giapo raised $10,000 to go directly to the Haiti Relief effort 

Owly Images

Owly Images

Justin gets a taste for Charity Sorbet

The signing of the Cheque to be presented to the Red Cross

The Cheque Presentation to the NZ Red Cross


Have you tried the Charity Cristal Sorbet? What did you think?