Change is good - like a new pair of undies

In early December 2008 I was searching through Linkedin for company's I'd like to work for. Zendesk was on my hit list. I made contact with their VP of Sales and within minuets had a reply back with an invitation to talk on skype. A week later I started working for Zendesk.

As a young start-up my job description was pretty much "do what ever you can, be creative and work your heart out". So I did. I joined the Customer Advocates team providing customer support and helping new customers get their Zendesk Helpdesk up and running. Very quickly I became addicted to start-up life, working from home and feeling like I could really contribute to this fast growing company. At that stage you could count the Zendesk team on one hand, now they're 50 plus.

Very early on we created the Social media sites and developed a stronger online presence. Next I started doing more sales and was responsible for Business Development for the Asia Pacific region. Account management and fostering stronger relationships was right up my alley but organising your day to make calls into NZ, Australia, India and Asia was a challenge, hence the long hours.

Throughout this time we were slowly building our social networks but in October 2010 I started a big drive to create a Social Media Managers position, wrote detailed strategies and set some basic targets. Over the last 4 or 5 months we've grown Zendesk's social networks by over 60% and created a strong community of brand advocates and loyal fans on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. You just have to look at our Twitter Favorites to get a feel for the sort of support and passion we created around the product.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and yesterday my tenure at Zendesk finished.

I'd like to thank Michael Hansen, Morten, Alexander and Mikkel, Kate, Amanda and Tiffany for looking after me, giving me amazing opportunities to be creative, try stuff, fail and rise again. Zendesk is the best job I've had to date, I've met some amazing people and I wish the company every success as you strive for greatness.


Social Media has become a huge part of my life, I'm working on a number of projects behind the scenes and I'm keen to share my knowledge and experience with more companies.

So if you or your business would like to take advantage of my knowledge and passion to share, I'd love to hear from you, let's have a coffee, chat on skype or drop me an email.

So... some exciting times ahead, I wonder what's next...