I don't care what you had for breakfast!


When ever you talk to PNUT (People not using Twitter - thanks @vaughndavis) a common string of conversation about Twitter is

I don't want to hear what you had for breakfast, when you used the bathroom or what tricks your dog is up to

And fair enough Twitter did kind of used to be like that. But I'd like to think that we've matured a little since the early days and have learnt more robust conversation tactics...

Given my love for stats (even though I'm terrible at maths) I though it would be interesting to track the keyword "breakfast" to see once and for all if mentions had dropped

Percentage of users talking about their breakfast

In the graph above the numbers highlighted are the number of Twitter's Users announced around that time.

Jan 2010 - %2.83

April 2010 - %1.98

September 2010 - % 1.71

March 2011 - %2.48

June 2011 - %3.61

So more people are talking about what they had for breakfast than ever before.

I guess the simple answer is - If you don't want to hear what someone had for breakfast...don't follow them.

What would also be interesting is engagement stats resulting from breakfast tweets. Because if responses are high that would indicate a high level of engagement from 'breakfast' tweets and that would be very very depressing.