Do busy businesses need social media?


Do busy businesses need to use social media? If you're fully booked, run off your feet or at 98% occupancy why would you bother to market your business through social networks? I think this is a good question. Heck I hope you agree or you'll be clicking off the page right about now.

90% of the bar owners I've spoken to in the last week could not give two hoots about social media over the Rugby World Cup. They're all based inside the Ponsonby - Parnell ring around Auckland's CBD and they all know they will be packed without using Social Media to market their business during the RWC.

However Social media is only being used for marketing by 47% of companies,  according to a recent study in the USA, despite the fact that 78% of executives polled feel it’s critical for success.

Could a social media plan act as insurance? When the World Cup is over can you build on the buzz and use social to ensure you're business is busier. As a result of better relationships, social connectedness and greater brand awareness your business could grow faster, more consistently,

I get the feeling that many businesses and organisations are running in short term mindsets, how the business will feel or look like in 3 years time is beyond most peoples pay packets, so they're not thinking with that perspective.

When I talk to business owners who say they are too busy or think it takes too much time I point out that it's one thing to be actively engaging and anther to just make it easy for others to share their experiences.

Social media for business can be two fold. Out bound engagement and Customer sharing. Simply making it easy for punters to check-in, tweet, and Facebook about your business could be just the conversation starter you need. So if you don't want to talk about your business at least let others do it for you...