Has the bottom fallen out of New Zealand's Next Top Model #NZNTM


After just three episodes of the latest season of New Zealand's Next Top Model it's quickly losing its appeal. Well on Twitter anyway. According to my Twitterometer there were just half as many mentions on week three compared with the opening night.


The number of retweets fell at a similar rate.

Also interesting to note which of the hosts are getting the most mentions. @nztopmodelcolin, @sara_mail, and @chrissisarich. Check out under the top graphic and you'll see that Sara is well behind the other two. (Note the size of the tag indicates the number of mentions its had)

This show bores me to tears I'm sorry but I still find it interesting to track one of New Zealand's most watched TV series. It's certainly one of the most active in terms of social engagement...perhaps that's a good topic for a future post.

Do you have any insights on why the number of mentions on Twitter has more than halved over the first three weeks?