Before you jump put a stick in

This is a topic going round and round my head at the moment that I would like your feedback on. It may or may not have any legs what so ever...

Many company's are beginning to use Social Media like Twitter and Facebook for Social Marketing campaigns.

Some company's have great clear ideas, an easy way to get people to participate and manage to execute their campaigns well. Others fail miserably. 

Now there are plenty of people on Twitter, even following you who understand how Twitter works. Isn't it about time you called one of them up and ran your Social Media Campaign by them before you launch into something that's likely to boar the pants off everyone and end up with tweets containing #cringe or #fail

Your ideas might sound fantastic and exciting to you but how are you really going to break through the noise with a uniquely fun and interesting promotion. The best way is to test your ideas with those in the loop.

There's nothing like testing the water with a stick before you jump, it could save you a lot of bad press, embarrassment, time and money. 

So there's the protectionism that a Mentor can bring but what about the ideas, tricks of the trade and other feedback you might get?

What do you think? Would you put your hand up to be a Social Mentor? Do you think your company could utilize a social sounding board?
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