B2B Co's WIN with #SocialMedia too


There is just no excuse now, no debate left to be had. Every business can benefit from Social Media. The only reason the B2B stats are lower than B2C in this graph is because B2B are out numbered by B2C companies doing it well.

It's about people talking to people

And those people are the same people with the complaints, questions and compliments too. 

In a competitive market business is a popularity contest, the winner has the most friends. The currency of friendship is honesty, integrity and trust, you can't fake being social. The only way to make new friends is to network, get out there, be social!.

According to eMarketer, 54% of B2B respondents revealed that social media is perceived as valuable. These are the companies that will gain the competitive advantage.

B2B companies engaging in social media use it for thought leadership, lead generation and customer feedback, just the same as B2C

Now go back to the graph. Look at those stats, on average about 1/2 of all companies using social media gain new customers from that activity. I'm sure that you can do better than half the companies using social media...easy.

If you are still humming and haring over this debate the answer will become very clear to you in 6 months or a year when your competition who picked up the ball and ran with it is now the preferred choice for social media users.

Engage, Educate, Entertain, Entice