Awesome Facebook insights you MUST know

I received a very intertesting report today from BuddyMedia with useful insights on how to get the most from your Facebook wall posts

Here are a few of the best bits:

Engagement rates are 3X higher if you use full URL's

With URL shortners like you get the added advantage of being able to track click through and demographic analytics but it hides the destination of that link and scares people off. (Thanks spammers!)

However if you have a branded URL shortner you can have the best of both worlds. A short URL that your audience recognises and trusts and the link analytics. I have as an example.

Many Twitter clients/applications now give you the option to use a custome URL shortner or you can use's Pro service and connect with your Twitter client using their API authentication.

I use pro and SproutSocial and it took 10 minuets to set up.

When's the best time to post on Facebook

When people are listening of course!

Brands that post outside of normal business hours get 20% higher engagement rates



What day of the week gets the most activity on Facebook?

Of course each business Facebook page will be different so you should review your own Facebook analytics to work this out

  • Engagement rates on Thursday and Friday are 18% higher than any other day
  • Saturdays are 18% below average so take a break and play with the kids and save the updates for Sunday which is the 3rd best day of the week




  • For the Entertainment industry Friday to Sunday are the best days
  • For the Media industry forget about Mondays, take the day off. Tuesday to Thursday are OK but focus you posts and engagement for Friday to Sunday
  • For the Retail Industry Tuesday Wednesday and Sunday's are the best days and forget about Thusday and Fridays
  • For the Automotive industry Sunday is gold
  • Business and Finance industies will do best on Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays
  • Fashion rocks on Thursdays but Monday and Wednesday are quite active too
  • Food and Beverage is mainly Tuesday and Wednesday's
  • Health and Beauty is huge on Thursday
  • Sports is all about Sunday
  • Travel and Hospitality wakes up on Tuesday and thrives on Thursday and Fridays




Facebook Questions

  • Posts that END with a question get 15% more engagement
  • Don't ask WHY. Use words like Where, when, should and how...


So those are the tasty morsels of usefulness I took from the Facebook Report. If you'd like the full thing to read over your cornflakes you can download it here