Are you awake to Mobile usage stats

New Zealand is typically 18-24 months at least behind the USA when it comes to social/digital/mobile trends. So these stats should ring alarm bells for businesses in NZ not planning, designing for or investing in mobile now.

People are already spending almost 90 minutes per day on a mobile device [excluding talk time] in the USA

Social networking is mainstream now, baked into devices and apart of every day life for 1/2 New Zealanders.

44% of New Zealanders use a smartphone. Strangely 9% of men and 18% of women don't know what brand of phone they are using

44% of the NZ population over the age of 16, currently use a smartphone. 46% of smartphone users have used their smartphone every day in the past 7 days. 73% of smartphone users, don't leave home without their device. 59% of smartphone users access the Internet on their smartphones at least once a day 35% of smartphone users are expecting to use their smartphone more, to access the Internet, in the future. 65% of smartphone users use smartphones to pass time while waiting.


Marketers, brand managers, advertisers and business owners should be concerned if you're not on top of this change. The way customers discover, consume and share is through their mobile device. As mobile usage increases time spent watching programmed TV or yesterdays news in print is rapidly diminishing. People will watch what they want, when they want.

Mobile is where it's at. How is your business going to take advantage of this? If you're not thinking about this now you're two steps behind the 8 ball already.....seriously you are.