How many times is New Zealand's biggest city mentioned on Twitter each day?

Mentions of Auckland on Twitter

Auckland; New Zealand's largest city with a population topping 1.5 million. So how many mentions per day does a city of this size receive on Twitter?

On average over this 13 day time frame 'Auckland' was mentioned 2,800 times per day.

Apply some fuzzy math and that's 36,000 tweets I just downloaded to filter through, analyse and report to you on in the next few weeks.



Over the same time period the Capital 'Wellington' was mentioned 4,000 time per day on Twitter. Politics or good marketing?

So how does Auckland stack up against other cities around the world.

  • Wellington - about 4k
  • London - about 130k mentions per day
  • New York - about 120k
  • San Francisco - about 24k
  • Tokyo - about 20k
  • Sydney - about 20k
  • Melbourne - about 13k


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