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Announcing fltr.us short URLs

It's a bit of fun and a bit of branding but setting up a short URL service is pretty simple 

First I bought flitter.biz but then decided we could go even shorter so fltr.us it is.

You can also check out the bit.ly pro beta program but as a bit of developer fun and spent 3 or 4 hours (could take less if you know what you are doing) to set up a YOURLS Short URL service hosted on my own server. Any Wordpress compatible hosting account is capable of installing and running this application.

Apart from the obvious shortening of my links which makes tweets more retweetable I get to see the analytics, how many clicks and where those clicks come from. And while I though that Australia and New Zealand might be the lions share of activity for me I'm realizing that my audience is much more global than Asia Pacific so you may well see a reflection of that in my content moving forward. You learn, your grow I guess and these stats are certainly helping me understand more about the people that retweet, share and read my blog. Blogging for me is about the audience and making sure as much as possible the content is interesting, relevant and thought provoking. 

So from here on expect to see most of the links I share and publish to be in the fltr.us short URL format.