Analyzing a Personal Twitter Infographic

Xefer is the latest Twitter Infographic/graph tool I have discovered. And it's actually really quite useful.

So the Grey indicates the number of Tweets I post. The Black indicates the number of replies I get and the Green shows how many Retweets I have received for the related period of time.

Lets analyze this a little.

Starting on the far right hand side you can see Tuesday is the day I send the most tweets. Tuesday and Wednesday are even for replies.

Now look at the bottom bar. This shows that midday is by far my most active time across the week. But mornings certainly dominate throughout the week. And 11am is when I get the most retweets.

And in the center you can se visually for each hour of the day the ratio between tweets, replies and RT's. For instance 8am on a Tuesday there are no RT's but a lot of conversations. So obviously people are quite chatty first thing Tuesday Morning

The next most significant conversation time is Monday at 2pm


In terms of Retweet action Monday 10am to 11am, Tuesday 9am to 10am, Wednesday at 11am and Friday at 9am and 12 noon are my most frequent times for RT's.

So this graph is very handy. I can see when to post content I want RT'd and when to be online for active conversations

These stats are generated from over 20,800 tweets and 18 months so it's not exactly a recent snapshot but some solid data.

This is both useful to learn about your own community but also to scan someone else you are hoping to engage with more frequently.