Amongst the chaos is a moment of comfort

Over the last couple of weeks I've been on a road trip through Melbourne and now Sydney

Easter Monday I flew from Melbourne to Sydney after a crazy weekend. I was tired, hungry, had sore feet and just wanted a beer and a feed.

I caught the train to central Sydney and walked 30 minuets to the Metro Hotel on Pitt St through waves of people, traffic and brightlights.

Cruised into check in to the hotel and the lady at the counter says "Justin you're not booked in here, are you sure you booked Metro Central?". I booked Metro hotel on Pitt st. But there is 2 Metro's on Pitt st. So the lady called the other branch and sure enough I was in the wrong location.

I walked back up Pitt st, in the muggy evening with my suitcase tagging behind obediently.

Walked in to the Metro and the guy at the desk walked straight up to me (instead of waiting for me to come to the desk) and said "Hi Justin, you look buggered, here's your room card and a drink vouchure, come down for dinner and relax". He was friendly and comforting, he could see I was tired and instantly made me feel at home.

I would just like to thank the team at Metro Hotels Central and Pitt St in Sydney for your fantastic service. If its ok with you I'd like to stay again. Cheers