Air New Zealand replies to The Listener

Today in New Zealand we are witness to a fantastic marketing and public relations exercise.

Air New Zealand replied to The Listener

The Listener editorial says the airline's "downmarket shift clearly has more to do with optimising profits and preparing for the possibility of the alliance than it is has to do with customer wishes".

Air New Zealand's reply to the Listeners Editorial was a custom website with a press kit, social links and this video

Air New Zealand and Rob Fyfe's response was seriously fun and conversational; so much so that their fan base responded to it positively. Their facebook page at the time of publishing this post had 116 'likes' on this thread and over 45 comments. The boldness of the response, the confidence and the insight that by responding that way the public would understand and sympathies with them shows real guts and understanding

Within 24 hours Air New Zealand had listened, acted and replied to The Listeners publication and instantly won over a lot of fans.

Air New Zealand have been involved in the social space for some time, more than just participating they have supported and showed a real desire to help where they can. Over time they have built a huge amount of Social Capital aka. Goodwil. Through brand personifications like the Airpoints Fairy  and genuinely showing some compassion and really participating in their community. Leadership plays a big part in larger companies really taking on social media 100% and Rob Fyfe gets it, embraces it and uses Social Media tools to his advantage. 

I'm impressed. I hope you are too.