Add Social media to your Staff Induction training

So your business might be using Twitter and Facebook to engage with your stakeholders but what information and training to you give your new staff on how to behave online now they are in some way representing your brand?

Whether or not those staff directly engage with your customers through the company Twitter or Facebook pages it's likely they will have personal Twitter or Facebook profiles. They might be RT'ing the companies updates and news or perhaps writing blog posts on issues effecting their profession.

A few things you might like to consider including in your resource are:

  • How to define what information is private and confidential or good to be shared.
  • What the process should be if they get asked a company question through their private account
  • How to deal with media approaching them directly
  • What style of language the company uses when talking to people online
  • Personal conduct, out of office hours - if that's important - if that person has significant personal and company reputation to shoulder

What I think is so important about this is all your staff will at some time be sharing what your company does. Understanding what your company does on social sites like twitter an facebook helps to distribute "why should I follow you" information. It shares insights into the tone and personality of that company and the brand.

What else should you share with new staff about your companies use of social media?


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