92% of people online don't click on adverts.

I heard the quote the other day "You're more likely to have twins than click on a banner ad"

92% of people online don't click on adverts. That means that only 8% of people actively click or engage with ads online.

Research published recently indicates that if you focus on Reach [and get enough] you are going to see offline sales conversion. BUT mostly those people who saw your ad and then made an offline purchase did not click or engage with the ad.

The people that did engage with the ad are no more likely to covert into offline purchases.

That evidence is the same equation as traditional TV, Radio, Print channels. 'Put your ad in front of enough people and you'll see a sales lift' it's a no brainer, not really anything revolutionary here.

But that's not social, that's not native, it's advertising. But it works...IF you have the reach.

Then there's this research from Gallup

NOTE: This Gallup research is from 2011/12.

When Gallup asked more than 18,000 consumers about the influence of social media on their buying decisions, 62% said they had no influence at all. Even among millennials (those born after 1980), whom companies often think of as the core social media audience, 48% said these sites were not a factor in their decision-making. 


So people aren't conscious that online adverts influence their purchase decision. But if you we're in the market to buy a car, saw the Audi billboard, the TVC, the newspaper review and then the Facebook ad would you be conscious of what influenced your decision? Probably not.

This is not social media marketing, this is advertising.

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