A Twitter Perspective // Devils advocate

So the last count I saw for global twitter users was 105 million. 

I've heard that about 20% of Twitter accounts are actually updated at least once per month - 22 million or so.

Lets then make the assumption that about 10% or less are actually updated on a weekly basis

So how many people actually tweet every day? 5% 6 or 7 million people. Globally!

Don't forget you also have to remove the snake oil salesmen, the affiliate marketers and the spammers from any stats

Now thats a lot of people don't get me wrong but its nothing compared to Facebook

So is Twitter really the paradigm shift people are saying?

Whats vital to think about in all of this is who these people are. Twitter has attracted the early adopters, the techs, PR, comms, marketing and industry leaders. They are influential, vocal and naturally attuned to the power and benefits of networking. Mostly they are people you want to know and do business with.

Media and PR people have taken to Twitter like ducks to water which makes for an interesting debate. If you want to be heard, attract media attention and have your personal or brand stories told and heard by the right people perhaps Twitter is the perfect social network for you to be on. I tend to think that given the fact the media use social media networks like twitter so much; its profile in traditional channels like TV and Print have been hyped and receive a higher profile than one might expect given the numbers.

The latest stats for Twitter use in New Zealand I've heard is 210k NZ based Twitter accounts had their status updated in the last 12 months. Based on the rules from above lets take 20% per month = 40k, 10% updated weekly = 10k. So one could make the assumption that on a daily basis in NZ there are about 3,000 - 4,000 people doing anything on Twitter at the most.

Now I don't have factual proof and assumptions are just that, guesstimates, but in thinking about this how does one actually realistically convince businesses that this audience is really worth their time and effort?

You MUST think about the big picture and you MUST think about who the people are using Twitter in NZ. Which brand would not want to generate recognition and brand awareness with influential, highly social, tech savvy consumers? 

Think about Air NZ. When it comes to Airlines using social media in NZ they are top of mind for everyone. Think about Urgent Couriers. When it comes to couriers on Twitter in Auckland, they own the territory, they dominate, they are top of mind for many. Refer back to my recent post on the Participation economy. You have to be in to win right.

If you're NOT on Twitter and your competition is then they get the attention ahead of you within that community. It's as simple as that.

Finally. It's not all about Twitter (even I have to be reminded of this) when we talk about Social media. Blogs, Facebook, Linkedin and forums like Trademe and Geekzone all have considerable influence in New Zealand. So it's important to hold to some perspective and utilise a combination of strategic social touch points for your business in todays social economy.