A simple way to track lead gen through social media


Everyone wants to know how many customers they generate through social media. We want to know how much they spend and whether they're more loyal to the brand.

Unless you're selling pizza through a facebook tab or promoting special offers with trackable URL's its pretty hard to tell.

But lets say someone tweets a question to their network like;

"I need a new pair of running shoes, what do you wear?" or "Who's the best photographer in San Francisco for our wedding?" and someone replies recommending you. All of a sudden you have a lead. Now if you could only match that to a signup to your service or a recent purchase on your website or an email enquiry you could start tracking this information. 

The simple answer to this is to ask everyone who buys something or registers or emails you what their Twitter name is (if they have one). 

Depending on your volume you could either manually search or build a small application to automaticaklly search Twitter to see if the person concerned mentioned or tweeted your brand before buying or signing up.

Still as with the Chicken or the Egg what came first could remain a mystery. You're working on assumptions to a point. The customer could have been exposed to your brand elsewhere and already had you on their list, but if the critical incident was an exchange of tweets or a conversation on Facebook or perhaps a blog then surely you can accredit that new business with your social networking.