A Prediction - Shopping on Twitter #socialmedia

I dont know if this is being developed as we speak or not but during a discussion on the future of social media for retailers a possible opportunity was raised this evening

Lets take Best Buy as an example. 

If you have an account with Best Buy you should be able to authenticate your Twitter account with them.

Then if they Tweet out a special offer they could include a code that makes it darn simple for you to order it. Something like...

Best Buy Deal: Kodak - EasyShare 10.2-Megapixel Digital Camera - Silver - $110.49 #BBorder-ah5g23

By simply tweeting a message to @bestbuyorders including #BBorder-ah5g23 from your authenticated Twitter Account you tell Best Buy to add that item to your Cart.

You then get an email notification of the "Add to cart" and can click through to confirm and pay for your items

iTunes would be another good example that could use this idea. They'd tweet the Tune, a link to listen and a code to "Add to cart" or just buy. Imagine how useful that would be to get Poi E to #1 in New Zealand

Surly this would be one of the simplest ways to measure effectiveness of a social media campaign especially for FMCG and highly consumable digital products or services

What do you think? Yes? No? Fail?

If I'm the first to blog about it and you make it happen, perhaps, um mention me... cheers