A development 'wishlist' for the #specialproject

After the meeting with the development team on Friday I was asked to create a 'wishlist' of features. It's one part crystal ball gazing and two parts mental mapping as you think your way through a users experience of your website.

I'm on a 'Special Project', have been for the last year and soon we hope to launch in beta mode. It's exciting, nerve wracking, it's a wild ride, you learn have to think yourself to sleep some nights next to your note pad.

I realise when we launch it's a striped down version of what could come. But what does come is critically important to our performance and whether you guys keep using it. 

The tricky thing more me is, I'm not that techy. I don't understand what the dev team can do or even what the technology allows for. So I just write, dreaming up stuff I literaly wish we could do. 

How much can our platform 'learn' about it's members. If you click on a certain topic over there, can we display customised content on the next page you visit so it's more relevant to you. And do we even want to do that?

The only research is picking your own personal experience register, what features do you like from other sites and why should we add them here? 

We're not scientists at this stuff and we never will be so trusting your stomach might sound primitive, but if it feels right chances are you're on the right track.


Anyway. Welcome to the journey.