A Company like ME

Your friends make personal connections with you each day, thats why they are your friends. However it takes a remarkable company to make truly personal connections with their customers.

Today's most trusted reference point is "someone like me", in that you trust those similar to you.

To be "A company like Me" you need to show that your brand and company persona is "like me". You need to replicate that across the organisation so if one member I have a relationship with leaves, I might miss them, but my connection with the company won't be lost.

Considering all the technology, processes, decisions and people involved in business how on earth do you still come across as a peer to the customer?

My Answer

Let your staff be human, let your people be people. Let everyone in the company share in the company persona, let them have a personality. 

If you read my previous post on Message Control you'll understand that you can't protect the message, or the brand but you can support it, guide it and nurture it through the tough times.

If your staff are confined to a process driven objective, without room to think or act independently to solve problems or work around obstacles how can they ever represent a "Company like me"?

Let people be people, let them thing for themselves and trust in them that they want to build relationships that help to make their job more interesting and your business better.