A browser app that's actually cool #socialmedia

I use Google Chrome. I like the no fuss clean interface and ultimately the lack of widgets and apps taxing my screen real estate. 

The new Kosmix Firsthand toolbar for Firefox and Chrome. It has, several times, made me delightfully surprised, something a toolbar app has failed to do for a long time. It runs silently in the background but once you start browsing.... it's cool.

Kosmix’s addition are Twitter icons. The app scans pages for names, people and businesses, and searches for their accounts on Twitter. (You can roll over any icon to see a slick, lightweight list of recent tweets.)

On Stuff today there is a great example. The story is about Allblack, Alby Mathewson and Kosmix has found his twitter account

The 2nd screen shot is from the NYTimes

Check out your own website to see the difference it makes to the user experience

What do you think? Certainly seems to add a good deal extra to consuming news and information