Social Media in 30 minutes per day

It's true, the more time you invest in building relationships and connections through social channels the more leads you generate. People like doing business with people they like, people they trust. 

Positioning yourself or your business in the timelines of the right people at the right time is a huge advantage but it does take time.

I've learnt the hard way, with many mornings, afternoons and nights dissapearing into the neither regions of Twitter and LinkedIn. So I experimented, researched and finally developed a plan that I'd like to share with you, to save you a ton of time.

This set-up helps me organise the bulk of my social media in to a minimum of 3 x 10 minute blocks per day. I'm typically using Twitter and LinkedIn but the same rules apply for Facebook to.

Get your tool-kit together
Having the right tools makes all the difference. Here's what I use:
- Flipboard - curated news feed for your favourite topics
- LinkedIn Pulse App - Articles shared by people your connected to on LinkedIn
- - Schedule updates to posted at predefined times throughout the day
- - 

Block 1 | Breakfast
- Reading - Finding the most interesting articles, insights and stories for the day
- Curation - Scheduling the right stories on the right channel at the right time using Buffer App
- Check mentions, comments

Block 2 | Lunch
- Engagement - Check timelines for things other people have shared. Re-share, comment on those topics to create conversations.
- What's trending - Check the top trends for the day, who are the top contributors to those trends. Find a few new people to follow.

Block 3 | After Dinner
- Entertainment time. Participate in the conversations others are having at the time that interest you.
- TV, Radio, News of the day, trends are all good topics
- Reach out to people you follow around the world to start conversations and maintain connectedness

Ok so those are my three key blocks of the day.
Any spare time in between is simply used to check timelines and respond to comments, mentions responding interactions off the back of the content shared during the day. 
I'll also be looking out for interesting content to create or share from my day, funny things seen, heard or done. Posting a Tweet takes a few seconds.

Master Class
Once you get this plan into your routine there's a couple of tactics you can utilise to build up. 
- @Mention people you follow you know will be interested in reading an article you're sharing. Ask them a question about the key insights to start a discussion.
- Use hashtags to help your posts reach a wider audience