Do Better Business with Ora's Business Navigator Tools

For the last month I've been head down in a new job as the Marketing Manager for Ora

The last four years have seen me lead the customer service team for, grow Zendesk in APAC, launch Booktrack, work on the Rugby World Cup social media analytics, drive Honda New Zealand and Hardy's Health Stores social media marketing campaigns and a whole lot more. 

The first month with Ora has been noting short of inspiring. I can't wait to bring you better tools, new functionality and many success stories.

About Ora

Ora is a place to do better business. It is the one place that allows you to manage all parts of your business, from marketing to digital, and in the near future finances, HR and accounting. Ora is cloud based so can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and any time. 

Creating an Ora account is free and gives you access to Ora’s business navigator tools: 

  • Ora Eye let’s you see what's happening live with 24/7 monitoring. It monitors and alerts you to events in your market, including what your competitors are up to and gives you instant ability to engage and interact anytime, anywhere, with anyone.
  • Ora Expert lets you confidently take your next step in the right direction by mapping out your best next step at every point on your way. Ora Expert creates and manages your campaigns and automatically tells you when to act.
  • Ora Profile puts all of your assets, channels and community info in one place, you can do a better job of telling your business story and connecting with more customers.
  • Ora Tracker gives you a clear report of your performance, showing you where every dollar goes and how hard it's working. It tracks all of your channels - online, print and broadcast - and lets you know how to get more from your money.

Check out these two videos about Ora, our hero video and our first showcase on the Automotive industry.