Burger King uses @SnapITHD cameras for Winter Campaign #Marketing

SnapITHD have a network of over 60 public tourism cameras around NZ and provide the content to Metservice, Jasons, Trademe Travel, AA Maps, Facebook, Google Maps / Earth, many Regional tourist websites and 100's of other sites.

On a big week they can register 2 million online impressions of their content. 

They also supply the images to TV3 for the 3News weather report which are used fairly frequently. 

Over the winter here in New Zealand Burger King partnered with them to create a campaign discounting products as the temperature got colder.

Chris Rodley, CEO of SnapITHD said; 

The premise is that the colder it gets the hotter the deals.
So there is a thermometer that lights up what you can get for free as it gets colder.
It was a great application for the camera. The SnapitHD cameras are very low power (less than 3 watts). We can supply built in wifi or cellular connectivity - even satellite internet in really remote locations. This means the camera can be installed almost anywhere and you screw it up and it goes.
The camera takes a still shot every minute and sends it to our media server where it is then packaged and distributed to the Burger King site for display.

Check out the video and the guy with a horse head and a person who is trying to cool the thermometer down with ice.